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Everything about Coworking Community

Coworking involves a shared workplace, often an office offered to independent professionals. Unlike in a typical office, these coworkers are usually not employed by the same organization and work independently on their projects. Plus, they collaborate and receive collaboration from others within the coworking space.

Read on to learn how a coworking space benefits you and who can use it.

What Is A Coworking Community?

A coworking community is a new workspace that allows independent and mobile professionals to work alongside one another but on their own projects. The aim is to:

  • Capitalize on Economy of scale;

  • Overcome Problems and shortcomings of other working environments;

  • Brush up on skills and learn new technology;

  • Make new and diverse business contacts;

  • Learn and use business-class office equipment and amenities;

  • Learn to be innovative and creative.

How Is Coworking Community Structured?

Every member of the coworking community pays a monthly fee; the fee covers the expenses of the space plus creates reserves for additional expansion and equipment.

7030 Center, for example, has three distinct groups in its community:

  • Startups & small businesses working on Marketing & Product Development.

  • The community manager & her support team make sure the coworking space runs smoothly.

  • Freelancers providing specialized support services to startups & small businesses.

Benefits of Coworking Community for Professionals

According to global research by Deskmag and Deskwanted, once remote workers, Startups, small business owners and staff, and freelancers start working in a coworking community:

  • 74% of coworkers are more productive by at least 50%;

  • 86% develop a larger business network;

  • 93% have a bigger social network within six months;

  • Over two-thirds feel more creative and collaborate more on projects;

  • Two-thirds of companies reported an increase in income;

  • 50% better employee satisfaction and retention.

What's in Coworking Communities for Small Businesses?

Due to budget constraints, small businesses often have to cut back or improvise on specific equipment and amenities for their workforce. By doing so, the business increases the stress on the workforce, and in turn, reduces productivity and causes many companies to fail simply because they cannot offer a stress-free work environment for their workers.

One notable failure was a successful landscaping business where they combined their office space with their maintenance yard to save on facility rent. Within one year, they lost three key employees due to the constant smell of diesel fuel and not having a separate kitchen facility except the bathroom sink.

For an employee to be productive, the office equipment must be functional, have enough supplies, and the environment must foster comfort. The coworking space survey indicates over 85% of members look forward to spending the day at work.

According to a study by Salesforce, small business owners spend, on average, 300 hours a year dealing with facility, equipment, and supply issues. On an executive level, that is about $50,000 yearly in productivity.

Every day at 7 am, our Community Manager and their staff ensure that all the equipment is functional and has enough supplies on hand. They also confirm the space is completely clean and ready for your employees, visitors, and clients.

How to Use Coworking Space Effectively?

7030 Centennial Center is a coworking community dedicated to Business Development and marketing. One or two-person startups and independent freelancers can use 7030 Centennial Center for their entire operation.

Other businesses with operations at different locations can assign one person to use the 7030 Center for their Marketing and business development. Either the business owner, an employee of the company or one of the Freelance marketing executives that the company hires to become the marketing coordinator, will use the community to develop the company plan & execute the marketing strategies.

What Is the Purpose of 7030 Coworking Space?

We are going beyond providing a cozy place to use the free Wifi and have coffee. The purpose of the 7030 Centennial Center is to bring startups, small business owners, sales executives, and freelancers into a collaborative workspace with a common goal of building and growing each member's business.

7030 Centennial Center is actually an incubator of small businesses and can act as an accelerator of existing businesses.

Our whole community is about marketing and increasing revenues for each business owner. Here's a short list of what advantages you'll get in our community:

  • Professional Image

  • Collaboration with other members

  • Peer Support

  • Networking Opportunities

  • Administrative & Secretarial services

  • Business Class Network Copier/printer

  • Meeting and Conference room

  • Youtube recording studio

If you need a coworking space in Tinley Park, IL, for your business needs, you may want to consider our 7030 Center. Visit this page to get more information and schedule a free tour online!


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