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Six Reasons Why Coworking Space Benefits Small Businesses

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

About half of U.S. Small businesses and startups choose to run all or at least part of their business from home. But home offices may not be suitable for growing businesses that want to bring more people on board or meet with clients. Not only that, they may destroy your work-life balance, increasing your risk of work burnout.

That's why many SMBs with small budgets are turning to coworking spaces.

Read on to learn how a coworking space can benefit your startup or small business.

1. Improved Facilities Over a Home Office

Unlike a home office or coffee shop, a coworking community has every office-related amenity to get your work done, such as office furniture, desk space, print facilities, and high-speed Wi-Fi. So you won't have to spend money purchasing them all.

7030 Centennial Center even goes beyond these basic amenities and provides you with ready-to-use recording studios to make videos for your website and youtube. You can also use our projectors, TVs, and wall-to-wall whiteboards for your presentation and training sessions.

Another great benefit, you’ll get in-house designing services for your letterheads, business cards, and much more. There's also a great outdoor patio to work in the fresh air and a kitchen area with a fridge and coffee maker.

2. Professional Image

It’s a no-brainer that an actual office space has a more professional look than a home-based business. Office spaces—whether shared or dedicated—usually come with a prestigious business address for your mailing needs, which can also be used on your website or google mapping.

The ability to hire meeting rooms or conference centers is another feature of coworking space that makes your business look more professional to customers, partners, and creditors.

3. Control and Flexibility

Coworking communities give you more control over your work environment; You can plug in your laptop and work in a shared area if you enjoy being surrounded by like-minded souls. You can also have a private office or a cubicle if you need more peace and silence.

Some shared offices like 7030 Center even offer quiet rooms to relax and recharge or a meeting room for your business events.

The meeting rooms are accessible on demand. So even if you insist on working from home, you can still house a part of your operation here when it comes to meeting your partners or customers.

4. Networking Opportunities

Coworking spaces are filled with freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses working on product development and marketing. That means you’ll have plenty of networking opportunities with people who are also building a business.

The 7030 Community encourages inter-community relationships where chats over coffee can quickly turn into work exchanges and partnerships. If, for example, your business needs help writing a press release, you’ll find a writer in our community who’ll fit the bill.

We also encourage our members to host events to showcase skills and market their businesses. The community promotes such events, and the community manager is on hand to help you with everything you’ll need to run a successful event.

5. Time and Money Saving

Although a traditional office may have all the amenities that your small business needs, it generally requires a long-term financial commitment and a lead time to rehab, furnish and bring in office equipment.

Coworking communities, on the contrary, are generally cheaper than any office rental situation. You can use the space as you need it day-to-day without having to pay substantial overheads of a lease, internet plans, utilities, or furniture.

For example, our coworking space is available at a small monthly fee, which can be canceled anytime. It also has a friendly, eager-to-help reception to greet your visitors, take calls, and keep your calendar. So you won’t have to pay extra for a secretary or receptionist. Free tea, coffee, and snacks are also included.

6. Business Advice, Incubation, and Acceleration

Of course, not all coworking spaces are business incubators or accelerators. But 7030 Centennial Center presents a perfect opportunity to get advice on your business, adding another benefit to your business.

First, you’re part of a community of coworkers with varied experiences and skills that can help you frame a particularly tricky problem. Second, we have a team of enthusiastic freelancers who can point you in the right direction, offer advice, or help you think through situations.

As an incubator, we can help grow new and early-stage businesses, and as an accelerator, we can offer rapid-growth tactics for more established businesses. Depending on your development stage and needs, we’ll provide you with the resources to develop your product, marketing, and business.

In Conclusion

Coworking Community is a new workspace that allows independent and mobile professionals to work alongside one another but on their own projects. These spaces offer you all the needed equipment, amenities, knowledge, and collaboration to start or grow your newly found business. That’s why startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs are increasingly joining shared office spaces.

If you need coworking space in Illinois, 7030 Centennial Center may be the right solution for you. Besides offering you enterprise-grade office equipment, 7030 Center acts as an incubator to help new, struggling, and startup companies develop by providing services such as training and workforce.

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