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What’s in 7030 Centennial Center for Businesses?

7030 Centennial Center is a virtual office/shared working space in Tinley Park, Illinois, great for startups or freelancers seeking guidance, support, or resources to do business at a more affordable price. But you may wonder what’s in 7030 Centennial Center other than a working space and equipment.

Let’s dive into all the benefits that our center can bring about for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Excellent Access Location

This center resides at a great location, I-57, I-80, 294, and 355; your new office is 15 minutes from every major highway. Click here to view the exact location.

Janitorial, Utilities, and Office Management

It’s our job to make your day a comfortable one! You concentrate on building your business, we take care of all the routines. Never ever again clean the bathroom, wash dishes, clear a paper jam, or go shopping for toner.

Internet and Wi-Fi

7030 Centennial Center is ready for you to connect to our dedicated Gig Speed. Wi-Fi is available for all your devices. VOIP connection is also free. Bring your laptop, phone, and phone system, and start working!

Mail and Packaging Services

With our center’s 8 am to 6 pm coverage, you’ll never miss another delivery. We sort out your mail, accept your packages and do the shipping for you. Mail handling and package holds are secure with us!

Business and Google Mapping Address

7030 Centennial Center provides you with a prestigious business address, maintains the privacy of your personal residence, and eliminates mail forwarding concerns. Your new address can also be featured on your website, emails, business cards, and letterhead!

VOIP Availability

Plug in your phone system to the 7030 Centennial Center internet is an extra saving. The quick connect convenience means you can start talking on day one.

Print, Copy, and Scan

Our network printer does it all, b/w, color with a large size of 11×17. Copy and collate, color scan to email, all carefree. 1000 B/W copy is included in your monthly membership, and copy prices are 25% lower than Staple or Office Max.

Recording Studios

We have fully functional, ready-to-use recording studios. You can make videos for your website and youtube.

Networking Opportunities

Share your workday with the 7030 Centennial Center community. Networking opportunities and a little daily downtime are added benefits for you to enjoy.

Meeting and Conference Room

7030 Centennial Center has meeting rooms for 4 to 8 people and conference

rooms for 20+. You’ll also get fully equipped large monitors, wall-to-wall whiteboards, and free Wi-Fi compatible with all devices. It’s perfect for training sessions and all-day conferences. Each member receives some usage as part of their membership.

Professional Image

Using a business address is not just about maintaining your privacy and facilitating your mailing process; It also creates a pro-corporate image for your business, and that’s something 7030 Center offers you along with your membership.

Not only that, 7030’s hi-tech amenities add an extra level of professionalism to your business when having visitors.

We also offer you meeting and conference spaces to meet your clients, partners, and team members, or even host events, creating another layer of a professional look for your company.

Business Development

According to SBA, 30% of new businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years, and 66% during the first 10 Years.

That mostly happens due to bad location, no web presence, and lack of business development. Another reason is the little–but critical–financing matters that business owners may overlook.

However, none of the above may happen to the 7030 members because we offer resources and guidance on how to avoid such bottlenecks.

In our acceleration service, we instruct you on how to engage customers, conduct local marketing, and manage your budget. You’ll also receive coaching on social media, website building, branding, and customer Service.

If you want to become a member of 7030 Center, visit our website to drop us a line or schedule a free tour of our coworking space.

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